Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Art Project

For my final art project I tried to incorporate different parts of Francisco de Goya's work. His main work used paint so I decided to not just use paint to try to create my final piece. I used his Black Paintings in the background of the first art piece. I printed out many different artworks that were in the collection of Francisco de Goya's Black Paintings. I cut them out in different ways to try not to create the same piece over and over again. I was going to use Photoshop to try to make the background but I felt more comfortable printing out and cutting the pictures the way I thought they should be in the background. The person in the center is supposed to be "opposite" of the meanings of the Black Paintings. I used light colors to contrast with the black, browns, and dark yellows so that she would stand out. I picked orange for her shirt because it is near the yellows that are featured in the background, but it is much brighter to symbolize happier tones.

For the second piece I tried to do the opposite of the first piece, I used works of art that Francisco de Goya painted earlier in his life that had lighter themes and brighter colors in them. The girl in the center has tones that are similar to those in the background in the first piece of art. The background artwork was created the same way it was in the first piece. I did not want to use Photoshop because I wanted to make it unique and I wanted to fit the cutout pieces where I thought they should be, rather than having the pattern repeat over and over again.

I wanted to make the two pieces opposite because that is how Goya's work seems to be when comparing the beginning of his artistic career towards the end. I wanted to show that there is some darkness in light and light in darkness, much like the idea of Yin and Yang. I thought that the two different mediums of art, paint and printed images would really emphasize the idea that things that don't seem to go together at first might go together if you keep trying. The background of the pieces are very busy so I wanted to keep the human figures simple in order to not crowd the piece.

I also felt that mixing the two mediums would help modernize Francisco de Goya's art because this idea of a collage mixed with a painting is not something someone saw when Goya was alive.

Light City Baltimore

On April 4, I went to the Light City Baltimore display at school. There were displays in the hallway and in the theater. The main display was in the theater, on stage was white sheets that seemed to be in the shape of a tree. There were different lights that were shining on the white sheets, that would change colors and shine in different patterns. There were different boxes hanging from the ceiling that looked like they were holding candles that were also different colors.

The first picture was my favorite display in the Light City display. This display was inside the ticket box office. I had to look in a little hole in the box office window to see these silver objects hanging around the room. There were different lights around the room that would emphasize different parts of the display. I liked it the most because I liked how it was all one color, silver, rather than a mix of colors like the other displays around the Light City.

The second display was in the front hallway before the theater. There was a light fixture that was hanging from the ceiling that was displaying these little lights that would flash on the ceiling and on the walls in different patterns. They would make different patterns with the shapes they would make, and the speed at which they would flash.