Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Print Media

This is my print media piece. The original image consisted of the couple laying on a bed petting the bulldog. The focal point was the couple in the middle of the piece so I moved it to the bottom left corner. I still believe that it acts as a focal point because there are lines that lead directly to it. I wanted to keep the design as a triangle so that everything gets noticed. I think there is a good balance between all the "corners" of the triangle. I tried to keep the composition neat because I wanted the focus to be on several pieces like the couple with the hot dog.

Advertisment Breakdown

The purpose of this Nike advertisement was to make people want to buy these type of sneakers. Their motto for this sneaker is "The shoe works if you do". I wanted to use this advertisement because my first thought was of the controversy of the Nike sweatshops in Indonesia, China, and other countries throughout Asia. I thought I would use pictures of women working in the factories to emphasize the fact that Nike outsources their work to countries where they can pay their workers very little because there is no regulation for factories like these. I thought that the words were very impactful because Nike is saying that if you work hard it will pay off in the long run, but the real work was done by the people in the sweatshops.