Thursday, March 30, 2017


Postmodernism is a very confusing era of art. It seems to be hard to define but it might be a mix of different cultures and things that don't seem to go along with each other but are put togerher ans somehow do look like they are supposed to be together. Postmodernism seems to be saying that there isn't one way of life anymore but the way of life is a mixture of different things from different  cultures all mushed together. Postmodernists may believe that electronics and television are taking over our lives but help to create a "hyper-reality" which is "more real than real" which I do not understand what this is saying. Places like Disneyland can be seem as a "hyper-reality" because it allows for people to forget their worries and troubles but in reality they are just being represented in front of them. I do not really understand what they are trying to say but I think it means that people look towards things like a fake world that isn't real to forget about the "real world" but the real world is just outside of the park or the house. Places like Disneyland are fake places made to make people feel comfortable? Postmodernism is a very confusing concept and I do not think I will ever truly understand what it means. My best guess can be that its a mixture of things that do not go together but do that makes people feel safe or makes them feel as though its real.

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